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Wednesday, March 17, 2010

Country Story cheats // Millionaires Super Coins 17 March 2010

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Good morning Readers, this is the millionaire cheats for country story that help you to get tons

of coins. With this coins you will be able to purchase all the expensive items in Country story.

Below are the steps on how to get millions coins in Country story!

Step by Step Tutorial


Tools you need

1) Firefox or Internet Explorer

2) Cheat Engine 5.6

3) Flash Player 10.0


Step by Step Tutorial

Step 01 : Start your Country Story application and make sure you have trees to harvest, open

Cheat engine 5.6

Step 02 : Open process list and select Firefox, harvest any crops

Step 03 : Scan "000000e98120538b" with Hex, 8 bytes, and

also scan read memory.

Step 04 : Right click the address and go to address, copy the address and paste to the generator

below and click generate!

Step 05 : Right click the address and Replace with code that does nothing.

Step 06 : Copy the entire code from the results and in cheat engine, go to tools, auto assemble

and paste all the code into it and click execute!

Step 07 : Now keep harvest your trees to get coins!

Repeated process to earn more coins!


Share this great information with your friends.

Hope you guys benefit from this updates.

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