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Friday, February 26, 2010

Happy pets cheats // Level up and Coins cheats with Laser


Good morning guys, a new Happy Pets cheats that help you to get instant level up as well as

coins. Just simply laser your pet and you will get the coins you want. This is a real cool cheats,

try it now before it get patch sooner.

First of all, PIGS are now available in the store. I will definitely want a teacup piglet as a pet!


Tools you need :

1) Firefox

2) Cheat Engine 5.6


Step 01 : Start Happy Pets application on Facebook, start your pets to gain some coins.

Step 02 : Open Cheat Engine 5.6 , under Process list select Firefox

Step 03 : Scan "85C00F848B0000008B48088B49548945" with Hex, Array of Bytes and Also

Scan Read-only Memory.

Step 04 : Two address will appear, select the second one right click disassemble this memory


Step 05 : Change test, eax, eax to test, eax, ecx

Step 06 : Now use the laser and laser your pet to gain exp as well as coins.

That all!

If you have any funny stories to share in your country just email me the information with images

to my email for sharing.


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Hope you guys benefit from this updates.

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