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Monday, February 15, 2010

Gangster City Cheats // Super money and Collection item

Good morning guys, today is Chinese New year eve Hooooo Holiday! Here is the updates on

Gangster City from Playfish. Just came to know that Robbing in this game do not require any

energy to be consume while you will be able to fast questing by clicking on the skip animation

button last but not least is the new collection items added.

Below is the complete list of this updates while strolling down for the tips and tricks on getting

real fast cash and collection item! A video will be uploaded in teaching you how!

Removed the energy requirement for robbing and added a time counter to limit number of robs

Added a button to skip animation when repeating the same mission

Changed mission payouts to make leveling up easier

Added an invite function in the friend bar

Added 'New' tag on recently joined Associates so players can easily obtain first visit rewards

Added buttons to switch between different properties

An empty equipment slot in the mission screen now links to the equipment panel

Required equipment is now shown in the 'Equipment Required' popup if a player doesn't have

the required items for the quest

Change the text and link of the 'Terms of Service' in payment panel

Added a new set of collections

Added a newsletter popup to show the latest and most important updates

Added Facebook Credits as a payment option

The maximum robbing bonus is now displayed in the Associates panel

How to get Rich and more Collection item?

Add more friends to increase your size of your associates. Currently i have 515 associates with

me. You must equipped yourself with the latest weapon of your level to boost your strength and

attack damage. Add your friends to your family.


Share this great information with your friends.

Hope you guys benefit from this updates.

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