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Tuesday, January 05, 2010

Cafe World Cheats // Millions Coins and Exp Tool by Tigerzz 05 Jan 2010


Good afternoon Readers, this is the latest new updates on the the Millions Coins tool created by

Tigerzz that allow you to get additional of thousand over coins per 60 seconds. Not only that this

include an add on of exp gain each time you visit your friend I had tried it this morning and get

around 40 over millions for around 30 minutes of time. Best of all, the coins can be saved so

whatever luxury decoration you need in Cafeworld will be no problem.

Cheat tested and proven on 05 January 2010

Below i had indicated the steps on how the tool is about so just simply followed the steps closely

to archive you results.


Tools you need :

1) Google Chrome / Internet Explorer or Firefox

2) Adobe Flash Player Player 10.0

3) Tigerzz Cafeworld Million Coins tool


Step 01 : Start Cafeworld application while loading open Million coins tool.

Step 02 : Select your browser and click start.

Step 03 : Your FB ID will be shown when Cafeworld is loaded. Once you saw your Facebook ID


Step 04 : Visit a friend and your friend ID will be shown on the tool

Step 05 : Click on CP button and return back to your own cafe for EXP increase. If you need

coins. Just stay put in your own cafe and your coins will increase by 1,000 over each 60 seconds.

Good luck!

Cafe World is currently the most popular Social game right now.

Share this great information with your friends.

Hope you guys benefit from this updates.

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