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Monday, September 13, 2010

Bola Melon Cash Hack

This Hack was posted first on

programs needed :

- firefox link
- fiddler web dibugging proxy link
-rn database link
Steps :

1. open Fiddler

2. go to the autoresponder tab

3. place check mark on " Enable Automatic responses & Permit Passthrough unmatched


4. drag the "localizations-en.xml" & "catalog.xml" to the empty space

5. go to bola and buy every cash item for 1 coin


the first time you buy the cash items it takes a little while to save but from then on it becomes

fast please if you are going to redistribute this hack give credit to RN from

also i wanna give credit to the guys at

which originaly did the hack to old items i just made new items
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