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Wednesday, January 20, 2010

Restaurant City Cheats // Super Tree coins // 20 January 2010

Hi readers, finally the restaurant city coins cheats is back. Today i will be releasing you the

Super tree coins cheat with credits by Patiniox. The hax code was

found by him what a genius hacker ever. His explanation is in Spanish so i translate them into

English for better understand in the flow on how this work.

Are you excited about it ?


Tools you need :

1) Firefox

2) Cheat Engine 5.5

3) Adobe Flash Player Player 9.0


Step 1) On your Restaurant City application.

Step 02 : Open your cheat engine for process list and choose Firefox.

Step 03 : Click on any tree in the game.

Step 04 : Scan F98BE8558DE85D89 with hex, 8bytes and ASROM.

Step 05 : Right click the address and click Disassemble

Step 06 : Search for "je xxxxxx" and right click select "Replace with code that does nothing" and

click ok.

Step 07 : Click on any tree in the game.

Step 08 : Scan 04B868488901C183 with hex, 8bytes and ASROM.

Step 09 : Right click the address and click Disassemble, change add ecx,01 to add, ecx,1e.

Step 10 : Go back to the game and start clicking on the trees and the coins will just keep popping


Step 11 : Start cheating now !!! Coins will saved every 50 coins.


Share this great information with your friends.

Hope you guys benefit from this updates.

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Anonymous said...

its hard to find the je xxxxxx

Fabianus Dean said...

je xxxxx is in the up

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